Bound Feet: Stories of Taiwan in Transition(中文書)

書名 Bound Feet: Stories of Taiwan in Transition(中文書)
作者 Catherine Dai
出版社 Bookman
出版日期 2019-10-31
ISBN 9789574458684
定價 380
特價 88折   334

分類 中文書>歷史地理>台灣研究


A writer struck with writer’s block seeks the assistance of the wild drunken god—Ji Gong. With his help, lives are revealed and secrets spill out from behind the “face” everyone is so eager to preserve. This collection of short stories covers a period from when the United States ceased to diplomatically recognize the Republic of China on Taiwan in 1979 to the end of martial law in 1987. Freedom is both desired and feared, and Taiwan must create a new national identity. Families try to adjust to shifts of power as traditional roles are shed, yet linger, and new ones are tentatively broached or bravely adopted. Individuals struggle between private dreams and collective aspirations. Among them, a model-turned-photographer supports her father’s former master from China; an American sinologist learns everything about Chinese culture except how to keep his Taiwanese wife; a Taiwanese businessman struggles with the mental illness of his eldest son. Interweaving their stories, the writer overhears a mad neighbor shouting her torment to the stars in indecipherable fragments. Ji Gong offers no solace other than to lift his liquor-filled hulu gourd and laugh.
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Bound Feet: Stories of Taiwan in Transition


Catherine Dai has published other fiction with Bookman Books, including Under the Phoenix Tree and Sringara Tales. She resides and teaches in Taipei.


Preface to the New EditionThe Bound Feet stories were written about Taiwan during its period of transition in the 1980s, when it changed from being a predominantly agricultural country to an industrial one, from being governed by a military dictatorship to becoming the first democratic Chinese society. Many Taiwanese had been educated by the Japanese and continued to have close ties with Japan; others were going to the United States for higher education and returned with American notions of political progress. With the restoration of civil liberties, a growing sense of nationalism took hold among local people who were reclaiming their language and culture made from unique historical circumstances. At the same time, others were nostalgic for a disappearing way of life as the population grew, prosperity spread through a broadening middleclass, and property became expensive. The Bound Feet stories express these changes through the shifting relations between parents and children, women and men, locals and foreigners, and in the coming of age of the generation born in Taiwan of both Chinese and Taiwanese parents. In the text, the Wade-Giles Romanization system is often used to reflect the way in which Chinese words were rendered for non-Chinese speakers in Taiwan at that time.Catherine DaiTaipei, 2019


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