Intercultural Pedagogical Reflections on Taiwan’s Education(中文書)

書名 Intercultural Pedagogical Reflections on Taiwan’s Education(中文書)
作者 Jason C. Chan, Tsao-Lin Fong, Rainer Kokemohr, Huang-Yao Hong, Yung-Kang Hsu, Hsin-Yi Huang, Guo-Tsai Hung, Ming-Shiang Ni, Shing-Shiang Ting, Hui-Ping Wu, Pichun Wu
編者 Rainer Kokemohr, Jason C. Chan
出版社 政大出版社
出版日期 2018-11-01
ISBN 9789869630450
定價 420
特價 95折   399

分類 中文書>教育>教育學
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This book is a product of intercultural dialogues between Rainer Kokemohr from Germany and educational scholars from Taiwan, during a period of more than 15 years. When professor Kokemohr served as a part-time chair professor at the College of Education, NCCU, he had the opportunity to observe different schools and to dialogue with many scholars. Section One of the book presents discussions on pedagogical norms and goals. Section Two brings together articles that discuss educational goals in relation to concrete social interactions or special, pedagogically significant phenomena and structures that determine teaching-learning processes within educational institutions. In Section Three, the authors discuss the challenge of modern education in view of historical or life-historical educational conditions.

德國漢堡大學可楷模(Rainer Kokemohr)教授曾經在政大擔任兼任講座教授15年,這段期間他觀察了臺灣許多學校並與許多專家學者對話,本書是這段跨文化對話的成果。本書第一部分討論教育目標與規範,第二部分討論教室內的師生互動、社會互動、教學現象、教學結構與學習歷程之間的關係,第三部分從歷史以及生活史的觀點討論當代教育所面臨的挑戰。
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Intercultural Pedagogical Reflections on Taiwan’s Education


ContributorsIntroductionSECTION I: GENERAL REMARKS, OBSERVATIONS AND REFLECTIONSI.1 Symbiosophy and the Aesthetics of Improvisation: Inspiration on Boundary-Crossing from Zen Master Hui-Neng / Tsao-Lin FongI.2 The Embodied Cognition as the Foundation of Imagination: The Clues Based on Kant’s Philosophy / Yung-Kang HsuI.3 Competency-Based Education: Do the Ends Justify the Means? / Jason C. Chan, Pichun WuSECTION II: TOPICS, ISSUES AND ASPECTS OF SOCIAL INTERACTION IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONSII.1 Does Linear Education Meet the Requirements of ComplexSocieties? / Rainer KokemohrII.2 Teaching as Production of Assembly-Line: ClassroomInteraction Analysis in a Junior High School / Shing-Shiang Ting, Ming-Shiang NiII.3 Learning as Problem Solving: Foundations of a Humanist Pedagogy / Rainer KokemohrII.4 Didactics as Dealing with Contingency in Teaching-Learning Interaction / Rainer KokemohrII.5 Didactics: How to Plan a Good Lesson? / Rainer KokemohrII.6 Some Basic Issues in the Teaching and Learning of History / Rainer KokemohrII.7 A Localized and Meaningful Curriculum: Some Observations on Its Practical Meaning / Rainer KokemohrII.8 Sociogenesis: The Impact of Culture on Children’s Development in Modern Societies / Rainer KokemohrII.9 Reading Children: Exploring the World between Phantasy and Reality / Rainer KokemohrSECTION III: THE CHALLENGE OF MODERN EDUCATION IN VIEW OF SOME INSTITUTIONAL, HISTORICAL OR LIFE-HISTORICAL CONDITIONSIII.1 The Transformation of Childhood: A Study of Preschool Teachers’ Professional Role-Formation from a Biographical Perspective / Ming-Shiang NiIII.2 The Transformation of a Teenager: A Biographical Perspective of a Transcendent Journey from Inner Conflict / Hsin-Yi HuangIII.3 Community Colleges’ Course Design Orientation / Huang-Yao Hong, Guo-Tsai Hung, Hui-Ping WuIndex
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